Bible Lesson 12

Notice: when I mention “church” in these lessons, normally I’m not referring to the true church, but to the visible church. The true church is perfect and does not require that we trouble ourselves about that.

Our only purpose in life is to live for Christ who died for us and to lift up his name and his purpose and his cross. That is the only hope that any person has to be saved for eternity. As we speak of our lord and Savior Jesus Christ, our hearts melt; and we bow before his throne and confess that we belong to him, mind body and soul.

We have over the past weeks shared with you the amazing and wonderful things that accrue to those who truly believe in him and confess his name, and his person, before a world that is dark with sin.

We pray that as you read these lessons that you will be careful to open your copy of God’s word and make sure that you listen to God, as you read our words. We never intend to mislead or to leave you short of what God has said in his written word, the Bible. Our purpose is to call people away from the world and it’s devises, to the paths that are clearly laid out for those who believe the word of God, the Bible.

We do not worship the Bible but we reverence it as the inspired word of God. We are told clearly in Romans 10:17, that faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God; and we are told in Ephesians 2:8-9 that we are saved by grace through faith, so that means that we must know the truth of the word, before God will save us.

The question now becomes, how much of the Bible do we need to know before we can be saved; and the answer can only be, “as much as God wants you to know”! When you know whatever God wants you to know, whether you have read it for yourself, or whether you have heard it from some faithful preacher, God will act to quicken you and begin his miracle of salvation.

Nothing in true salvation begins until God quickens us by his spirit and brings us from death to life, spiritually. Only then can we even understand that there really is a God who is merciful and gracious, and only then can we see ourselves as we really are before God, wicked, and undone, blind and unheeding and under the wrath of a holy God.

There is much that we must unlearn before we can proceed in our study of the Bible. Much of what we take for truth has been imagined. Biblically illiterate friends or acquaintances have taught much; and denominational churches themselves have taught much of it.

I say that with a heavy heart but with the knowledge that that is what God would have you to know. Jesus Christ, the sinless Son of God, God in the flesh, preached in john chapter 8 and verses 30-32, to a group that had believed his words, and he told them that “if” they abided in his word, they would be his disciples indeed. And that they would know the truth and that the truth would make them free” the truth is the word of God, the Bible, and we must come to know and believe the word of God, in order for God to open himself to us. We cannot take whatever some preacher, teacher or friend says concerning the word for truth, we must know the truth as God has inspired it.

We cannot take what many preach today as truth because it is a “conditioned truth” a truth that is preached because it is acceptable to those who hear it. A truth that does not condemn sin and call for repentance. Truths that are only half-truth or that have been so softened from what God said and meant, that they cause no subjective reaction, by those who hear them.

Some might ask, Bro. Bob, why bring up these sad state of affairs? Why don’t we just all love God and go to heaven? That is a pipe dream and we will not be a part of the problem, we desire to serve God as we seek his wisdom to be a part of the solution to the problem. All of the visible churches problem stems from a false belief, a belief that as long as we can get people to join our church, and believe our confession of faith, and join our team, everything will be alright.

That is the extent of church involvement today, it is all about church-membership and catering to the ideals of the institutional churches; however God says that being a Christian involves a meeting with God and becoming a new creature, indwelled by the holy spirit, regeneration, repentance, conversion and justification and adoption into the family of God; and living like Christ; and all of this comes only at the will of God. Not of man.

The church has in too many cases deserted faith and facts, in favor of a fanciful formula that has to be completed in order for a person to be saved. The church says to man, “repeat this pray after me and be saved; but God says, “repent and be converted” and be saved. Acts 3:19

Until next time,

may God bless and keep you

This is Bro. Bob