Bible Lesson 129

Connecting The Dots In Theology Part II


Charles Lamb was once discussing the greatest literary characters of all time when the names of both William Shakespeare and Jesus Christ were mentioned. “The major difference between these two,” said Charles Lamb, “is that if Shakespeare came into this room we would all stand in honor and respect. But if Jesus Christ came into this room, we would all humbly bow and worship Him.”

We dealt to a small degree in our last lesson with God and His being the Creator of all things. We even stated that Our God who is one God, deals with His creatures in three distinct personalities, Father in heaven, Son, Jesus Christ, and Holy Spirit. The three personalities are all equal in essence, and function in perfect harmony as one God. We will spend some time in this lesson to look at the second personality of the God head, who is the God-man, Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ was not God’s answer or solution for the sin of Adam in the garden.

God, in eternity past, had known that Adam would sin and that because of God’s command not to eat of the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, which requires eternal separation from God. God, before He created the heavens and the earth, had planned to send His One and Only Son Jesus Christ to the earth to substitute Himself on the cross, to purchase us back from sin. All of it was in the eternal plan of God and God is today working out His eternal plan in every thing that we see going on in our world.

People always want to ask, “Why did God decide to do things this way instead of just saying that disobedience was alright’ The short answer is that God is God, but we can at least say that parents do the same thing. Children normally think that their parents are not as smart as they are, and they think that if the parents would just ease up a little bit, be cool as the youngster puts it, that life would be easier.

However, Parents have the responsibility to raise children who know how to live in their society, how to be productive and to remain in a stable society. God has a much greater responsibility, and that is where we have to stop and bow to the Sovereignty of our Creator. God is God and He is the Creator and we are going to either obey His will, or suffer His judgment.

Just as we said in the beginning of this series, our God is One God, who manifests Himself to the creatures in three distinct personalities. God cannot be divided into thee different parts; because all three go to make one God.

God is Spirit and, as such, the creature has some problem identifying with His Person. God could have solved man’s sin problems in many different ways. He could have simply decreed that all men would go to heaven when they die or that all men would go to hell when they die, or He could have decreed that man could obey some complicated series of actions; however God knew that not many would do that or if they did that they would say that they had saved themselves. God chose to give of Himself, take the penalty for men’s sins and thereby, remove the stain and the penalty of sin.

God sent the Second Person of the God-Head to the earth to take upon Himself the form and flesh of mankind but without sin, to tabernacle among us and to call us all to repentance, and finally to die on a cruel cross, under the weight of the sins of those who would obey Him, to redeem sinful men from sin and grant them forgiveness of their sin. That Second Person of the God-head was Jesus Christ, who was supernaturally born of God to a Jewish virgin, there in the little town of Bethlehem, in Judea. Jesus Christ is God in the flesh, God with us; and in His flesh became the perfect substitution for men who would believe. There was no man on earth who could be the sacrifice because the sacrifice had to be perfect. Jesus Christ was called by John the Baptizer, the “Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world!” Jesus Christ is the firstborn of many brothers, but there is, nor ever has been, another man such as Jesus Christ, (Romans 8:29; Acts 4:12).

As we study the doctrine of the Second Person of the God-Head (Jesus Christ) we have to understand that the revelation of this our Lord and Savior, has to come from the only reliable source that we have, and that is from the inspired, inerrant, written Word of God, the Bible. There are many in our time that have created out of thin air, or their corrupted minds other Jesus’ but their Jesus has not power, either to help, guide, provide for or save them; however he fits their ‘felt need’ in some way. The true, Jesus, must be found in the Bible, and the Word Jesus, is a transliteration of the Hebrew word “Joshua’ meaning Jehovah is salvation; because He saves His people from their sin (Matthew 1:21). The Bible makes it clear that Jesus has been eternally with God and was God (John 1;1-4, 14-18; John 17:1-5, 20-26).

Jesus Christ is the living Word of God, since He is the sum of God’s utterances to man (Hebrews 1:1-4). Jesus Christ had two natures, He had a human nature that was without sin and He had the nature of God because, after all He was God. He lived here on the earth for thirty three years and never committed any sin. How did He do that’ By being focused on His source (God), being dedicated to His mission, to save His people from their sin, and by being obedient to the Fathers will. You and I could do that same if we were dedicated to those same precepts. As I said, we have to believe the Jesus that is presented or revealed to us in the Bible. That Jesus is the God-man, God with us, and He left His eternal home in heaven and came to the earth through the womb of a woman who had never known a man.

He was born of a virgin, lived and grew in statue and wisdom just as other children, He was born to die a horrible death, as He substituted Himself in the place that you and I deserved to die, He died in our place under the weight and penalty of our sin in order to redeem us. Jesus Christ was fully man and fully God as He walked and preached and called us to repentance, on His unwavering way to Jerusalem, and the Cross that was waiting for Him there. His Father in heaven delivered Him, by determined purpose and foreknowledge (Acts 2:23) , to be crucified; in other words the Father supervised the death of His Son on behalf of those who would love Him, and obey Him (John 14:21-24; Hebrews 5:8-9). Christ went to the cross and shed His blood, died, was buried and on the third day He arose from the grave and walked the earth for another forty days being seen by many people and recognized. Jesus then ascended back into heaven from whence He had come, to sit at the right hand of the Father and intercede for us. Christ laid down several specific rules for those who would benefit from His substitution on the cross for them.

First and foremost Christ preached and said to us that He died for those who believe in Him; and believe there means a lot more than simply mental ascent to the fact of Jesus Death. The word believe in John 3:16-21 carries with it the idea of having been given the gift of Grace and Faith by the Father, and believing to the point that we believe to the point of being obedient. In the five verses following John 3:16, which so many in our day claim and think that their professing faith does not in any way obligate them to obey, Christ Himself makes it clear that the Faith or belief that saves is a belief that behaves in a way that is consistent with the Father’s will. In verse 16 of John chapter three Jesus said “For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son that whoever believes in Him should not perish (go to hell) but have everlasting life. Verse 17 tells us that God did not send His Son into the world to condemn the world, but that the world through Him might be saved; and that means that God sent His Son to redeem a people out of a people.

Christ did not come to condemn the world because God the Father had already condemned them! In the following verses God explains to us who is condemned and why they are condemned. Verse 18 warns us that it is unbelief in His Son Jesus Christ that condemns; and verse 19 explains that for us. Verses 19-20, point to the fact that God has sent light into the World, in His Son Jesus Christ, but men loved darkness and refuse to come into the light (John 1:1-17). Then verse 21 explains that those who are saved will obey and manifest the fact that they are acting in accord with God. Jesus also sets forth for us where we find the truth about Him and that is in the Scriptures (John 5:37-40). Jesus Christ tells us in John 6:44 that, No one can come to Him unless the Father draws them and those are the ones who will be raised up at the last day. Jesus Christ explains in that sixth chapter of John, that He is the only One that has seen the Father and that only those who believe in Jesus will have eternal life, that He is the Bread of life, and that only those who eat His flesh and drink His blood will be saved (John 6:46-540.

That does not even hint at cannibalism: What it does point to is that every true Christian has bread that others cannot have and that is the Word of God. As we read and study and strive to know more about our Lord and Savior we are eating His flesh and drinking His blood. Ask yourself a question, if you had to choose to eat a hamburger or read and study God’s Word, what would your choice be’ Your answer says a good bit about your commitment to Christ. You will never be tempted by any that Jesus Christ was not tempted by as He lived with us here on the earth. You will never know any sorrow that He did not experience, You will never know any pain that He did not experience, yet He never sinned or turned away from His mission to die for those who would obey Him (Hebrews 2:8-10-18; Hebrews 5:8-9; Romans 8:16-18). Jesus Christ suffered the weight of your sins and mine as he hung on the cross; and He suffered the penalty for our sin when the Father in heaven turned His face away and the day became dark as night, when Jesus became sin for us (Luke 23:44-46).

Yes, Jesus died to pay our sin debt. He was dead, buried and on the third day arose and forty days later He ascended back into heaven, from whence He had come. But glory to God it does not end there. Jesus is coming back again, once in the clouds when His feet will not touch the ground, to rapture His Church. Then Jesus will come again and this time His feet will touch the ground in Jerusalem. This time He will come to judge the quick and the dead. The first time He came as the suffering servant, this time He is coming back in His wrath. The first time he came as the Lamb of God, the next time He will come back as the Lion of Judah, not only to judge but to condemn and punish those who neglected His great salvation (Revelation 5:5; Revelation 6:15-17; 1st Peter 4:5).

With that said, can you truly say without hesitation that you know for certain that you are saved and that when Judgment day comes that Christ will speak to the Father and say Abba, that one is Mine’ Do you know that you know, that you know that you are that new creature that is created ‘IN CHRIST’ in the new birth recorded for us in Ephesians 2:10′ Have you been to the Cross with Christ and it is Christ who lives in you, as you live here in the flesh’ Do you love Christ supremely; and I mean more than your mother or father, wife or children or anyone or any else in this world’ Do you love Christ enough to obey all that He has commanded you’

If you can answer those questions with an unequivocal ‘YES’, I can feel good about your eternal life; but if not ‘if you are not 100% sure, then God won’t hold it against you if you go back to the cross and cast any hindrances at His feet and ask Christ to really save you. Salvation is by far the most crucial work that we can consider here on this earth. Other s that we do will only affect our short time here on the earth, but God’s forgiveness and Gracious salvation will affect our time here and our eternity in the future. It seems that we (religious people in general) have made salvation some kind of voodoo charm. We offer it to everyone without consideration for God’s effectual call, we pronounce people saved that we don’t even know, and we leave most of them in exactly the same condition that they were before we confused them.

God must call you to His Son and His work on Calvary. You must come to the knowledge that you are not God and that your only hope for eternity is God’s grace extended to you on God’s terms. If you are tired and heavy laden, if you have found that every other road you have tried has been a dead-end, if you cannot live without the knowledge of God’s Amazing Grace, then run to the cross of Christ, and the Christ of the Cross. You will know when God is calling because you will come to Him, even if it means crossing swollen rivers or going through mine fields, or letting people see you in need of a Savior, and regardless of the cost, and you will strike out toward God with all of your might and you will always find Him waiting with open arms. Begin to read the Word of God for yourself, study and pray and seek and knock until you know who God really is and who you (the creature) are. Don’t give up and don’t look back!

Now, for those who are truly saved, born again, adopted into the family of God, as you read your Bible you will find Jesus Christ throughout in both the Old and the New Testaments. We find Him and call Him by different names although there is only one Jesus. We find Him first in Genesis chapter 3 and verse 15, where God declares, to Satan, the coming Redeemer, when God says to Satan, Adam and Eve, after they had fallen in the Garden, “And I will put enmity between thee and the woman, and between thy seed and her seed.” Notice that God said that He would put enmity between the devil’s seed and the Woman’s seed. In the New Testament we find that seed to be the God Child, Jesus Christ, who was the Woman’s seed, since His birth was of a Virgin. The Woman’s seed was Jesus Christ. God promised these two fallen sinners, (As well as everyone who would believe) that He would send a Redeemer. This does not mean that God decided this after Adam sinned: because God who is Omniscience knew before He created the heavens and the earth that Adam would fail and so God had offered His One and Only Son, Jesus Christ as the substitute for mankind before He created anyone or any. So our original knowledge of Jesus Christ was to know Him as “The Seed of The Woman”.

We find Jesus Christ next in Genesis 22:15, and the Angel (or Messenger) of Jehovah, as He interrupts Abraham and his sacrifice of His only Son, Isaac. Jesus Christ spoke to heaven as the messenger of God, and said “’.Because you have not withheld your son, your only son’I will bless you.” When we consider Abraham and his long awaited arrival of the Promised Son, from God we can come away with some idea of just how far our obedience must extend. Abraham had waited many years for Isaac, and now here when he is around the age of the teens, God said go sacrifice your son to me. Could you do that’ Could I do that’ We don’t know but if we had the faith of Abraham who believed that even if God allowed him to sacrifice Isaac, that God was able to raise Him up again. That my friend is faith!

The next account we have of the coming Messiah is found in Genesis 49:10, where we find Jacob or Israel as He receives the knowledge from God to prophesy to His son what will befall them in their futures. In verse 10 of Genesis 49 we find Israel speak to His son Judah and say, “The scepter shall not depart from Judah, Nor a lawgiver from between his feet, until Shiloh comes ; and to him shall be the obedience of the people.” Judah’s linage was to be the Kings of Israel, and they would provide the law, so the people must walk in darkness under law, for hundreds of years, until Shiloh (or The PeaceMaker, Jesus Christ), would come. Have you known the peace of the PeaceMaker’

If you know Jesus Christ you know peace like the world cannot understand. Jesus Christ brings peace to those who are created in Him, that passeth knowledge or understanding. Now, there is so much satisfaction that those who truly have that intimate relationship with Christ, that we cannot but barely touch them all, but we will use the space that we have to highlight what Christ means to His brothers and sisters. Christ is most pleasantly known as the Lamb of God, because he sacrificed Himself in our place to pay our sin debt, a debt that we could never pay. He took our sin away by bearing it for us, along with the punishment that we rightly deserved.

Thankfully, we can look to Christ as The Redeemer, and in Isaiah 59:20 , we find this prophesied, “And the Redeemer shall come to Zion, and unto them that turn from transgression in Jacob, saith the Lord.” What a wonderful name and how appropriate for our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. The Word that was translated in our Bibles as Redeem or Redeemer, denotes to buy, purchase, or pay. God had placed a penalty on Sin from the beginning, and that penalty is still in effect. The Penalty is death (Romans 6:23), and since we are all born in sin, everyone of us owed that penalty. God has paid or purchased or bought us back out of sin by taking that penalty upon Himself in the form and flesh of Jesus Christ.

If God extends His Grace to us and forgives us because He has given us to His Son Jesus Christ who died on the cross, we are bought back from sin to God’s and His purposes. Are you one of God’s purchased people’ Has He given you that new birth and nailed your sins to the cross of Christ’ Are you living everyday for Him by the power of His Holy Spirit’ That is the purpose of these lessons’.they are not written in order to entertain anyone but to cause you to see your need for the One and Only Redeemer, Jesus Christ, who paid the price for your sin, and cleared your debt to God for your sinful ways,(Acts 4:12).

Everyone of those who are truly saved know Jesus Christ as ‘The Angel of His Presence’. In Isaiah 63:9, we find “In all their affliction He was afflicted, and the Angel of His Presence saved them: In His love and in His pity He redeemed them; and He bare them, and carried them all the day of old.” the story has been told of a nervous, restless boy, in his early childhood, who called out again in the night, “Daddy, are you there’ The father answered, “Yes, I am here, do you want any’” “No, I only wanted to be sure you were there.” And the frightened boy, still in the dark, went directly to sleep.” Are you ever a little frightened and would you like to know for sure that someone is always there’ Then seek Him who is the Angel of His Presence.

We know Him as the Son of God, Messiah, The true Bread from heaven, The Light of the world, The Good Shepherd, The Resurrection, Lord and Master, The Way, The Truth, and The Life, Savior and Lord, The Last Adam, The Image of God, Creator of all s, God Manifest in The Flesh, The Righteous Judge, The Great High Priest, Author and Finisher of Faith, Mediator of The New Covenant, The Faithful Witness, The Alpha and Omega, The Almighty, The Morning Star, The Faithful and True Witness, The Lion of the Tribe of Judah, The Rose of Sharon, and Lord of Lords and King of Kings. All of that and more is what Jesus Christ is to those who will believe and obey. Think on these

Until next time,

may God bless and keep you

This is Bro. Bob