Bible Lesson 14

We are in the process of locating our self in time and in religion, so that we can know for sure, how we are to worship and be aligned with the truth of God. We have chosen for our point of departure, for the moment, the book of Jeremiah, chapter 26.

We find there that Jeremiah who was chosen by God to be a Prophet to the nations, before he was born. (Jeremiah 1:4-5). His name, Jeremiah, means “Jehovah throws” or “Jehovah establishes”. He was the son of a Priest from Anathoth a small village about 3 miles north-west of Jerusalem. Judah and the nation of Israel had slipped into complete disregard for God.

The Sion party, it turned out were worshipers of the temple; and another party was very friendly toward Egypt, and not unlike our visible churches of today, other groups had their “own thing going”.

God sends Jeremiah into the wrath and hatred of those who would hate anyone who even hinted that their group was wrong; and especially anyone like Jeremiah who stood fearlessly and pronounced God’s coming wrath, unless they repented and turn again to God. We are dealing with the account that we find in Jeremiah chapter 26, and you will find there that God told Jeremiah, in verse 2 of chapter 26, “stand thou in the court of the Lord’s house, and speak to all of the cities of Judah, which come to worship in the Lord’s house, all the words that I command you to speak to them. God ends this command to Jeremiah by saying ..”do not diminish a word”.

God who created man in the first place, knows the heart of man, that man always says things in order to keep down disagreements; and men are bad about it, unless they are obedient to God. Jeremiah could have gone to these people and like the other priests and prophets that were in favor with those groups at that time, he could have said to them, in effect, you guys need to clean up your act or else God is going to get mad.

They might have taken that warning and allowed Jeremiah to go on his way; but God who knows all things before they happen told Jeremiah, Do not diminish a word. Do not omit a word or add any of your words.speak “Thus saith the Lord”.

Jeremiah obeyed God and warned the people that if they would not listen to God and walk in His Law which God had set before them, to heed the words of God’s servants the prophets, whom God had sent; Then God would make their church, there in Jerusalem like Shiloh, and make Jerusalem a curse to all nations of the earth.” Shiloh had been where the tabernacle had remained from the time of Joshua to the days of Samuel.(Judges 21:19; 1st Samuel 4:3) What happened when Jeremiah went under the command of Almighty God and stood in that church there and advised the people about God’s coming judgment?

Well, pretty much the same thing that would happen to a preacher today who opens the Bible, the Word of God, and warns people concerning God’s commands and His judgments: Everybody there wanted to kill Jeremiah. The Priest, the Prophets and all the people seized him and said “you will surely die!” Jeremiah was warning people who had neglected the Word of God, in favor of the Word of priest and prophets that had not been called nor sent by God.

They had heard these priest and prophets assure them about peace and prosperity for so long that they would not hear that they had been lied to and mislead. They had no idea about God or what they were supposed to do to remain in favor with the Lord God. They simply did not know the truth; they had learned to believe a lie. Like so many congregations in our society, they were simply getting used to the dark.

There are many today who have been taught less than the truth of the Word of God for a myriad of reasons. There are some preachers today who are good men, if rated by the world’s standards; however these men are men who were raised on a lie and went to some seminary that confused them further than they were all ready and then they were sent out to confuse and damn whole congregations.

That may sound hard to some of you sweet people but that is the truth. There are many, way too many preaching today who do not know what they are preaching. They know how to read a verse of scripture and then come up with all kinds of questions and possibilities and then they tell Sunday school stories and then call people to be saved by something that is not the truth.

What am I saying to you? I’m telling you with a broken heart that many churches in the U.S. today, make a fair grade in Religion; but fail dismally when rated on Christianity. I intend to prove that to you in this series of Lessons, but you will have to stay with us and read your Bible and always read the scriptures that we give you.

Until next time,

may God bless and keep you

This is Bro. Bob