Bible Lesson 20

In our last two lessons, lessons #18 and #19, we looked at the object of our faith, Our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. We should have come away from our studies with a clear understanding that Jesus Christ “was and is” the God-Man. He was totally flesh and blood man, just as you and I; but without sin. He was totally Divine, God in the flesh, who had self-limited His God powers.

When I say that He limited Himself in His Omnipotent powers, I mean He simply chose to obey the Father who had sent Him, and do exactly what the Father had sent Him to do. To clarify that, let me state to you again as I have before, we who serve our magnificent and all powerful God, know Him as “One God” who manifests Himself to us in three distinct personalities, Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

Can I perfectly explain that to you who read these lessons? Absolutely not! If I could perfectly explain God, I would have to “be” God and I am only a child of God. That?s the reason that God has told us that we are saved by Grace, through Faith. The things that we cannot perfectly understand or explain, we accept as absolute truth; because God said it in His Word.

It is my exceeding desire that everyone who reads these lessons will read and receive and believe and apply the truths of God?s Word, the Bible to their lives. I feel sorry for those who do not believe the Bible, because it contains the way of eternal life; and our faith is built on the knowledge we attain from it, Romans 10:17.

Reading and hearing the truths of God?s Word and understanding them in their context of the entire Bible is crucial and so we encourage everyone to begin an organized study of the entire Bible. Yes, it takes time but we have all the time that God allows us and reading the Bible and understanding it and applying it to our lives prepares us for the most important trial that we will ever have to stand.

That trial is the Judgment of our Holy and Just God! There will not be any replays, no make up tests, no second chances. God will judge everyone of us on what we did with what we knew about His Son, Jesus Christ, and how we lived because of His great sacrifice. Those who made the effort to find that strait gate, and walk that narrow way that leads to eternal life, will be accepted into heaven to live forever serving our Lord. While those who took the easy route and entered into that wide gate and walked that broad way that leads to destruction, will spend eternity in the terror and pain and suffering of eternal hell f

Don?t be one who makes the excuse that you don?t understand the Bible, or you cannot learn the scriptures; because you know that is deception on your part. I hear those excuses all the time, from people who do not take the time to study to show themselves approved of God?..but who are full of ball statistics, movie trivia, and community gossip. We are able to learn and retain the things that interest us, so if you won?t learn the Holy, inerrant scriptures of God?s Word, you have no interest in gaining eternal life, living with God and having eternal peace and fitting yourselves to inhabit heaven.

Some may ask, “why do I need to learn the Bible”? I tell you, that it is for the same basic reason that before you begin a vacation trip you take a road map and lay out a route that suits you. The Bible is God’s road map, if you will, or God?s operating manual for His creation and creatures. There is nothing that the Bible ever asks of anyone, that is harmful or that denies you any worth while pleasure.

Why would our Creator, our God, our Master, choose to leave the glory and majesty of Heaven?s perfection, leave the presence and love of the Father and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit, to come to this sin sick world? Why would God decide to take upon Himself the form and flesh of weak and finite man? Why would the Creator, allow the creature to humiliate and abuse Him and finally to nail Him to a cross, to shed His perfect blood, and die and be buried in a borrowed tomb?

Well, the answer is so that God could forgive any sinner, and still be Just in doing so. Christ left heaven so that you and I could one day go there and be there with Christ forever. Christ left the love and fellowship of the Father and the Holy Spirit, so that we could enjoy that love and fellowship. Christ took on the form and flesh and all that goes with the flesh (except sin) so that one day we would be able to lay this flesh down and be perfectly in His image. That had to be the case because we were all born with the nature of our father Adam.

We were born under the wrath of God; because we had no manner of communication with God, we were dead in trespass and sin (see Ephesians 2:1-5). Our Omniscient, Omnipotent and Omnipresent God had decreed that the wages of sin was death (see Romans 3:23). God sent His Son Jesus Christ to die the death that we had earned by our sin, so that we could receive the free gift of eternal life that God offers through the death of His Son Jesus Christ (see Romans 6:23). I don’t know how to say that any plainer than I just did.

Everyone who was born of the flesh, were born going to hell without any help or hope; but God intervened and made the only way that we could escape that terrible judgment; and that way was the sacrifice of His Son Jesus Christ, who was God. (see Ephesians 2:11-13). If you are reading this lesson, right now, let me ask you, have you been to the cross of Christ and asked God to save you by the precious blood of Christ, that cleanses us from all sin. Do you love Christ more than anyone or anything on this earth? Do you love Christ enough to obey all that He has commanded? Are you becoming more like Christ every day?

If you are not, please allow me, in love, to ask you why you haven’t. If you knew that I had most of the money and gold in this world and I advised you that if you did some simple thing, I would give you a sack of money, most would do that; however we are so careless and unheeding, that we refuse to accept that “free gift” of eternal life that is offered by God.

I know of no prayer, no formula, no different way to gain that free gift of eternal life and heaven for eternity, than what God has offered;

and that is that we, “come and see” (John 1:37-39); Then “Repent” (Matthew 4:17); Then “follow Me”(Luke 5:27); and finally “abide in Me”(John 15:1-8).

Salvation is of God, all that I can do for you, I have done in pointing you to the Word of God and the God of the Word. Your salvation is between you and God, you must desire it above anyone or anything on this earth, and when you meet the requirement, and you come to Christ as he requires, that will be a sign to you that God has worked in you and Christ will then save you. God has already done all that is necessary for your salvation, and all that is required, is for you to desire it above all things and submit yourself to Him through His Son Jesus Christ. In closing let me advise you to never allow anyone to pronounce you saved except the Holy Spirit of God. No man, no denomination, no church, can assure you that you are saved, (oh yes, they will try). They are well-meaning but have taken a serious wrong position because only God can save, so only God knows whom He has saved.ire. (Matthew 7:13-14).

Until next time,

may God bless and keep you

This is Bro. Bob