Bible Lesson 24

My God, My God why hast Thou forsaken Me? Matthew 27:46

Our last lesson was about our lord and savior, Jesus Christ. We have looked back into eternity past, and we found Jesus Christ there; and then we looked at the incarnate Jesus, that babe that came through the womb of a virgin, and took on the form and flesh of mankind, to tabernacle with us. Jesus lived with us on this earth for some thirty three (33) years before he went to a cruel cross to die to redeem those who would believe and obey, from sin. Matthew reports that haunting cry from our lord as he becomes sin for us, and has suffered God’s penalty for our sin.

I hope that every person who reads this message will stop and gain a quiet spirit before God and be honest as they look back into their lives at the sins that they committed and then hear that cry from our savior, Jesus Christ, as he prepares to finish the task that the father had given him and he cries ?..” My God, My God, why hast thou forsaken me?”

The sinless son of god, god in the flesh, god with us, as he hung on the cross, felt the turning away of the face of his heavenly father, as it became dark and my sin and yours was laid on the body of Christ. That caused the heavenly father to turn his face away from his beloved son, rather than look upon sin.

We can never appreciate what it took for us to be saved until we practice that little examination. Think about the times that you acted like your father, the devil before you were saved by the blood of Jesus. Think about all of the lying, envy, hatefulness, foolishness, drunkenness, fornication, adultery, covetousness, idolatry, strife, theft and even murder; and now because the father is punishing the sinless son of god for every one of those sins; and extracting a just penalty for each and everyone, we hear in our spiritual ears”

“My God, My God, why has thou forsaken me”? Only when we have done that, will we ever know what it cost god to be able to count us righteous when we believe and obey his son, Jesus Christ.

If you have never committed to Christ and submitted your life to him, there is the possibility that you are not truly saved. I cannot know that and neither can anyone else living today. We can speculate if we see the fruit of the spirit in your life; but only you can know for sure if your sins were forgiven on that cross.

If you are saved and sensitive to the holy spirit in you; and you can look back and see that you have become a new creature in Christ (Ephesians 2:1-10); you know your bible and you are obeying what you know, in the power of the holy spirit; and you are functioning in love for God, then you know that you are saved. (see 1st john 5:10-13).

Now, if you are saved, and I pray that you are, you were saved by the grace of God that accrues to those who commit and submit themselves heart, mind, and soul to god through his son, Jesus Christ.

I mention our total submission to god through his son; because we live in a society and church atmosphere that has taught us that salvation can be manipulated from god, by a simple little formula whereby we confess, (call ourselves sinners); say that we are sorry, and repeat a prayer after some well-meaning person who wants to feel good about their “saving” us. Most today equate salvation to a person joining some church. Listen to me carefully as I tell you by the authority of the scriptures, church membership has nothing to do with our salvation. Those who are truly saved, are saved by grace; and we belong to the true church.

Be certain, that if you can look back at the god of creation, nailed to a cross by the very creatures that he had created; and hear his labored breath, and see his precious blood run down over his forehead and body, as he was humiliated before all mankind; and finally hear his voice out of the utter darkness that occurred when the father turned his face from him, as he became sin for you, and still believe that becoming a Christian is no more than some simple formula that satisfies other sinners, then I would say you need a savior, and there is only one, and his name is Jesus Christ.

I have had people tell me that for me to speak the truths of God to sinners without some kind of apology or without making them feel good in their sin, hurts their feelings. Hear me well dear brothers and sisters, you will get over having this old gospel warrior hurt your feeling, but you will never get over going to hell.

Jesus Christ came to the earth with a mission, and that was to be nailed to a cross, and die, to redeem a people who would believe and obey. Now I have a mission and that is to continue the part of his mission that involves telling the world that they have gone astray and left God’s word and gone into business for themselves. Jesus began to preach “Repent for the kingdom of God is at hand”.

He gave me and others the same job or mission; and what we have to do, is to continue to warn those who are on the wrong path, to read the word of god, the bible, and to follow Jesus by abiding in his word. (John 8: 30-32). I have never enjoyed playing church, so what I would recommend to you all is, that you take the time and expend the effort to read and study and pray and agonize over God’s word, for yourselves and ask God to teach you what he has said. You can do it!

It takes time but you have all the time that God will allow you to stay on this earth. Till next week, think about these things. Too many of us spend valuable time watching sports, keeping tabs on Hollywood, and just plain being lazy, that would be much better spent on reading and studying the inspired and inerrant word of God, the bible.

We even attempt to convince ourselves and others that we already know the bible, when we can’t quote one verse of scripture or explain to the lost our hope and our peace in the Lord Jesus Christ.

Jesus Christ, the God of heaven, the one who came and lived with us to instruct, and excite us to love him as we served him by obeying what he has commanded, volunteered to go and take your place and mine on the cross and to shed his blood and die and be buried and resurrected on the third day. he suffered and died under the weight of all of our sin, why aren’t we willing to suffer whatever comes in our lives as we live for him.

Until next time,

may God bless and keep you

This is Bro. Bob