Bible Lesson 244

The Promises of God.

2nd Peter 1:1-4

We will not attempt to list all the promises that accrue to those who have been born again by God and created as new creatures. The promise that encompasses all of the other promises is, that we become in the here and the now, Children of God.

We share here on the earth, some of the wonderful things of heaven, and we share the love of God and we are seated in heavenly places. (Ephesians 2:6). We who were born dead in trespasses and sin, are now alive in esus Christ where there is no sin. We are dead to sin but alive to God in esus Christ. (Romans 6:11).

Having said that, lets get down to the nitty gritty of what we should be preparing for as we live on this earth that has almost overnight, of so it seems a den of thieves and murderers.

That is not to accuse you of being sinners of the worst sort, but to point to all of us who claim to be Christians and shout shame of all of us. God promises us who obey all that He has commanded us, to one day come back in udgment of those who have failed, or who have thought it permissible to slack off and ust go along to get along.

We who make us the True Church should never attempt to get along with the world because those who are too cozy with the things of this earth are not children of God. I know that it is the order of our day to spout the lie that we are all children of God, but that is not what God tells us!

God said in the Gospel of ohn that unless we know the truth and abide in His Word, that we are the children of the devil. (ohn 8:43-44). We are probably the least obedient and most sinful people that this world has ever seen.

We spend a lot of time making churchy noise, but we have allowed the world, and in many cases the visible church to not only go to hell, but to cause others to go there also.

Some will probably say that I sound like I am angry and that is exactly true, and its time some of you got angry also. Don’t tell me you don’t believe Christians should get angry, because that makes it evident that you don’t know the Bible. My Bible says, ‘Be angry, and do not sin.’ (Ephesians 4:26).

If we get angry about the right thing and then strive to correct the wrongs in our society, we are doing the Lord’s will. Should any of us have anything to be angry about? You bet we have and first, should be angry at ourselves because part of what is wrong in our world is in some way our fault. We who are Christians have a duty to God to be confronting sin and sinners in our world. Perhaps you are not guilty but, in all probability, you are, ust as I am in some way.

Look around you and take stock of where we are and where we have allowed our world to become. Don’t think that there is nothing we can do about it because we have the presence and power of Almighty God on our side, but we seem to have thrown in with the devil and His minions.

Should we stand by and allow our children to be killed in the womb or killed by their mothers and fathers. Should we allow our kids to be abused sexually by schoolteachers or leaders of our churches or anybody else? If you follow the news you have to know that it goes on every day and it seems to be increasing every day.

We have become the most illiterate people in the world when it comes to the Bible. Our preachers in many cases have not read or have read and are not able to abide what the truth of God’s Word clearly states.

Perhaps some of us have forgotten what our state was the moment we were born. I’ll refresh your knowledge so pay close attention. The moment every one of us are born into God’s creation, we are dead in Trespass and sin. We have no way of even knowing that unless or until we are awakened by God.

The moment we are born we are the enemies of God and we are under His wrath, and we remain under his wrath until He calls us, wakes us up and enlightens us as to our need of a Savior. We are not children of God until God grants us the new birth, that birth from above. We cannot grasp salvation or initiate the new birth. Salvation belongs to God and He is Sovereign over everyone and everything. So, our only Hope is in Him through His only begotten Son, esus Christ the Godman.

What can we do to begin that Gracious touch of God? The only thing we can do is to listen to God as we read the Bible. God tells us that Faith cometh by hearing and hearing by the Word of God. (Romans 10:17).

So, my question to you is have you been reading your Bible, as you enoy God speak to you from its pages. God expects us to be aware of who we are and then to strive to know Who He is, and you must get that from the Bible. Begin your reading and I don’t mean hit and miss and forget it. Begin reading as if your life depends upon it; because in a way, it does. Think about these things.

Until next time,

may God bless and keep you

This is Bro. Bob