Bible Lesson 247

The Truth about the Church in our day

Matthew 16:13-18

In the verses of Matthew 16:13-18, we find the Genesis of the Church, as God in the Flesh, Jesus Christ stated it for us. It is not these buildings with spires and stained-glass windows; but it is a gathering of those who have been called out by God. Any place that those who have been born again, gather can be considered a Church.

We will be dealing with what the church is, and where the church is, and how the church lives, as they serve and obey the Lord.

Now, that church is hard to find in this society because for decades Preachers, Pastors, Evangelist, Professors at our Seminaries and even the man in the street has allowed a misunderstanding of the Church to survive in our society.

Since not many people will go to much trouble to seek to find the Truth of the Gospel message, and because there are always men and women who apparently believe that God will allow anyone to preach anything as long as they can fill the pews of a building that holds itself out as a church, it stands today as a sad image that claims, but does not fit, what Christ meant when He said back the in Matthew chapter sixteen and verses thirteen thru sixteen.

If you know your Bibles you have to know that the Church is referred to as the Bride of Christ, The Body of Christ; therefore whenever we thing about a church we should think of Jesus Christ and those who have been called out of the world into fellowship with The Father through the blood of Jesus Christ.

The Church of our day is far from what the Church of Jesus Christ is, in knowledge and in purity. Those who are members of the True church have been born again and are obedient to the commands of its Head which is Jesus Christ.

It draws its life from Jesus Christ by the Holy Spirit, and by studying and knowing the Truth of the Gospel. THAT MEANS THAT THEY LOOK TO THE WORD OF GOD THE BIBLE, TO NOURISH THEIR SOULS, AS THEY LOOK FOR THEIR FOOD FOR THEIR FLESH.

The church of Jesus Christ is a work in progress and as such it requires work, and any where you have work you must have rules, and God has set rules in place for those who are saved by the blood of Christ. The Church is not a place to hold social gatherings and neither is a hatchery with the idea of taking in bad eggs in the hope that they hatch out into real Christians.

Our Church must be one in which the power and love of Jesus Christ is a light in its community. It must not reflect the Societies ideas of what Jesus life was like and who He was and what He did for those who will obey Him. The Church membership rolls are meant to be for those who have not only profess Jesus Christ but for those who prove by their lifestyle, that they have been with Jesus.

Ask yourself some questions…like, when was the last time that I went to someone I saw as a lost person and presented to them the way to be saved’ Do I really know the Bible well enough to present a proper evangelical presentation’

Compare how much time you watch T.V. or play with your cell phone or anything that prevents you from feasting on the strong milk of the Gospel.

John Calvin said of the church; “Whenever we find the Word of God preached and heard, and the Sacraments administered according to the institution of Christ, there, is not to be doubted is a church of God.” Do not go to church without being ready to have your feeling hurt, if you are a sinner.

Christ knows nothing of this clap trap that assures everyone who hears it, that Jesus loves them, just the way they are. If you know the Word of God, you have to know that you were born under the wrath of God and you must be born again to be saved from your sin.

Find a church that loves God too much to speak anything except what His Word the Bible tells us.

Until next time,

may God bless and keep you

This is Bro. Bob