Bible Lesson 249

Christian Holiness (1st Peter 1:13-16)

Jesus said, “Be Holy because I am Holy”

This will probably not be the most popular or the most preached subject in our churches today; and that is because it imposes a condition on people who have no idea about what it speaks of, or even if it is possible.

Let me clear up the problem that I stated in our opening sentence, by answering my own question. Preaching on Holiness is not preached much because it is not popular.

As worldly creatures, we are not accustomed to talking about or hearing about being Holy. Most of us would like to believe that holiness is something that is found in heaven; however, we need to know for certain that we are to be Holy as we walk here on God’s green earth.

It is possible, but only for those who have experienced the New Birth, that birth that only comes to those who have seen their lives of sin and have repented and turn from sin to God, through Jesus Christ.

It is not something that the Church or the Congregation, or the Pastor or anybody other than God can bestow on a person, and God only extends that state to those who have truly yielded themselves to God and been yoked with His Only Begotten Son Jesus Christ.

These have died to self and been buried with Christ and resurrected with Christ into newness of life and are obedient to Christ. (Romans 6:1-14). Galatians 2:20, points us to the fact that Holiness is something that we are if we are saved, because Holiness comes only to those who are truly saved, born from above, and obedient to the commands of Jesus Christ.

That verse says…”I am crucified with Christ, nevertheless I live, yet not I but Christ lives in me…

God saves us for a reason and that is that we would live for Him and like Him as we reflect His holiness to a world that is dark with sin. God does not save us to be Happy, He saves us to make us Holy. We may not always be happy, but we will always be Holy. Remember now, the holiness that the Saved person has is not imputed holiness, but it is practical holiness that we work and strive to shine the light of God to those around us.

Some who read this may wonder what it means to be holy, so I will attempt to explain it. Holiness means that we are separated for Gods purposes. We are not worldly, and we strive to separate ourselves from the world and sin, and we live like Saints by the power of the Holy spirit.

Remember, we are all (everyone of us) born dead in trespass and sin and we are under the wrath of God. We desperately need a Savior and if we are willing to claim our sin and turn away from it to obey God, we have a Savior, who is the Only Begotten Son of God, Jesus Christ, who took the cross that sinners deserve and suffered, bled and died to pay our sin debt, which was death.

If you have ever seen yourself as a vile sinner and you want to be saved, you must first, believe that you are going to hell for eternity unless you can go through that strait gate, and walk that narrow way that leads to heaven, you must be willing to give up all your sin and walk the path that you find in the inerrant Word of God, the Bible.

We are saved by God’s Grace, through Faith, which is not of ourselves, but of God. So, if you can read, you need to begin a healthy study of God’s Word the Bible to seek your help. Read it as if you were hearing God speak to you as you read, because it is God speaking to your heart. Don’t delay;do it today because you may not be here tomorrow.

Until next time,

may God bless and keep you

This is Bro. Bob