Bible Lesson 261

“In the beginning, before any beginning, there was God and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.” What do those word mean to you and me? To be honest most of us have never thought much about that as we read it in our bibles and moved on to the scriptures that follow it there in the First Chapter of John.

That being the case lets drive down a marker right there and see what we can learn about the “Word” and “God”! We can safely say that there had never been a time when the Word (Christ) was not with God and no time that the Word was not God.

That means that God who knows all things before they happen and in fact, God is the reason that anything happens. In our Society we speak of things that simply happen due to no reason; however, nothing ever happens in God’s economy, by accident. It all happens because it is part of Gods plan for His creatures. It may seem like and accident to us as we wander here on Gods real estate, but God caused it and knew it would happen, or else He allowed it to happen.

In the beginning as far as mankind is aware, this place we live was pretty bleak, but that was because God was not ready to complete His work on the world and the creatures that He put here with us. God who knows the perfect way for things to be established, put in place things that His Man Adam and His progeny would need to flourish and take charge of the creation.

Man has been given a perfect world and has in most or many cases attempted to damage or destroy whatever he was capable of harming. That is not a good report for man, but man will never be able to defeat God. Mankind without proper knowledge of his homeland and God’s creation has become almost like vermin in this world. We wake up ignorant of our Creation or our Creator and go to sleep not being thankful for all that the Father has left here for us. Let’s make a deal and begin to clean up our messes and do things to make our world the perfect place that God meant it to be.

Until next time,

may God bless and keep you

This is Bro. Bob