Bible Lesson 262

“What shall we say then? Shall we continue in sin that grace may abound?”

(Romans 6:1-14)

That appears to be the pertinent question that we need asked of ourselves if we read and understand the Infallible Word of God (The Bible).

We have to begin to be real with God and ourselves if we intend to keep the truths of Gods Word and the fact is that the word is never unclear in its meaning. God always says what He means and means what He says, so it is incumbent that we treat the Bible as our rule guide of life.

God lays out the only path that leads to eternal life in heaven with Him. That path is not easy but is difficult to walk; however, it is one that is made easier for those who have been under the blood of Jesus

Many, and perhaps most church members around the world today have never been told that to live as a Christian; we must first die to self and all of self’s plans and programs as we throw ourselves on
Christ and Him crucified.

It is not as simple as walking an aisle and shaking some preachers hand and saying that we love Jesus Christ. Ask yourself: how could anyone not love the Jesus of the Bible. How could we ever believe that we were worthy of heaven if Jesus Christ, had not left heaven and come to this earth to bear the sins of all the world, as He suffered, bled and died for the sins that you and I had committed. Jesus did not die for any sin that He had ever committed, because He never sinned.

He was perfect because He was God in the flesh. Perhaps if we were preached more truth and had it applied to our personal lives, we would be more worthy of what Jesus Christ did on the cross. Jesus Christ died a horrible death to buy us all out of sin; however, those who can receive Jesus must comply with and live-in obedience to His commands.

Are you interested in having your sins forgiven? That is between you and Christ, but it begins with Him issuing an effectual call on your soul which comes only to those who begin to “Knock, Seek, and ask as they seek Him in His Word the Bible. 

We have to learn to see ourselves as we really are. In the mean time we need to ask God to Work on and in us to accomplish that task.

Until next time,

may God bless and keep you

This is Bro. Bob