Bible Lesson 27


Welcome to the site. today we will begin a series of lessons that will deal with, what we will call, the foundation of our country. by that, I mean that we will take the word of god and apply it to our lives; and judge ourselves on how firm our foundations are personally, and then relate that to the condition of the foundations of our country.

when we think of foundations as we are going to look at them in this series, we will think of basic building blocks that we establish, so that we will have a secure base for our houses or churches or schools; and then we will look past those things to check the foundation of our country. we will begin by reading our text from the gospel of Matthew chapter seven and verses 21-29, where we are taught by our lord and savior, Jesus christ, exactly what it takes to have a proper foundation that can be built upon. take time right now, to read those verse

If you read Matthew chapter seven, verses 21-29, you found that our lord and savior, Jesus Christ, the god-man, speaks to us there about foundations; and he says that our foundation must be strong and resistant if we are going to enter into the kingdom of heaven.
he goes on in those verses to make it clear that only those who hear the commandments, precepts, and laws of God, and acts on what he hears, will gain heaven.

christ compares the man who hears God’s law and does not do them, to a foolish man who built his house on the sand; and the floods came and the wind blew on his house and it fell?. and great was the fall of it?.

if you are aware of the word of god and you think about what Christ was saying to this foolish man who built his house on the sand,(which we can see as self, sin, and worldness) will suffer a complete loss of his soul.

great will be the fall of his house or life. let’s think about that for a moment. remember that death is inevitable, and after death, there will be a judgment, by god, and then an eternity to exist, either in heavenly bliss where there will be no tears, no sickness, no disease, no problem, no sin.

there will be an eternity to worship the great creator God who gave us his only begotten son, Jesus Christ, who came and gave his life on the cross, to shed his blood and die, to redeem those who believe and build their lives or houses, on that rock that we call Jesus.

The bible tells us that eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, nor have entered into the heart of man the things which God has prepared for those who love him? (1st cor. 2:9). in Matthew chapter 7 and verse 24-25, we find Jesus Christ as he teaches us that the wise man builds his house, or life, on that firm foundation, which we know from the bible is the lord Jesus christ.(see 1st cor.10:1-4; psalms 18:2; 62:2; 71:3).

we don’t have to be builders and engineers to know that the place to build your house is upon a rocky foundation; and the place to build your spiritual house is upon the rock of Jesus Christ, who has all power in heaven and on the earth (Matthew 28:18). the question now becomes, where have you begun your spiritual building? is it on the solid rock of Jesus Christ, or have you been building on sand?

We all began by starting to build on the sand because we were all born sinners, in rebellion against God, so don’t hesitate to move from the sand to the rock of Jesus Christ. you wouldn’t or shouldn?t begin any building without a set of plans, so god has a set of plans for you and it’s called the word of god, the bible. begin to study your copy of God’s word and pray as best you can and cry out to God to lead you to that rock that is higher than you. it is good and proper that we gain as much academic knowledge as we can, and if possible I recommend that you who desire can go to college; however, academics only give us knowledge, while the word of god, the bible gives us wisdom. with that said, let me begin right here to identify our need in this wonderful country that God has allowed us to inhabit. it is evident that we have a problem and if we trace that problem back to its source, we find that there has been a failure to prepare a proper foundation by our families, our schools, our churches, and our politics.

That’s right we are going to point an accusing finger at our schools, our churches, our politics; and when we do that we find that we have a finger pointing back to our families. since we know from the bible that the first “building block” for our society was established by God when he made eve and gave her to adam. that was the genesis of what we know as family. at first, it was only adam and eve and then they had children and grandchildren and on and on until the family unit joined together as a tribe, or several families joined to increase their strength in times of trouble and war.

Then the people became so many that nations were established; however, the basic foundation unit, was the nuclear family. God established the proper organization of the family when he made adam the head of the family with eve as his helper. children were and still are to be accountable to their parents; and since we will deal first in our series, with our families, and the condition of the present-day foundation of our families: let me make it clear on the front end that there are families that have preserved their foundation; because they built on the rock that we call Jesus Christ. now, let me state that there are not nearly as many of these rock-solid families as we would like to think.

So what is the problem?  There are a lot of problems that when taken by themselves are minor; however as they have piled up against the home and families, they have become a flood. I have lived in this world for a pretty long time and i have found that satan has acquired a major foothold in our families by adding just a little sin here and a little foolishness there, until before we know it we no longer are mature adults that hold sway with our children; but nervous nellies afraid that we will damage our little ones by disciplining them or telling them no.

That continued until today in many homes, the children are the authority figures instead of the parents. how do we define children? when is a child no longer accountable to his parents? how about if we use what god has said about that? look in your bible to the book of numbers chapter 14 and read verses 26-31. here we find the Hebrew nation as they arrived at the Jordan river in the exodus.

God had told them that the promised land was theirs, and that they were to go across and take it, and God would be the force that drove the Canaanites out before them. they must have been many in that group that were like church members of our day; because they refused to do as God had said, and they formed a committee to spy out the land before they went in. Twelve men, leaders of the twelve tribes went and spied out the land; and when they gave their findings to the people all but two of them, Caleb and Joshua, voted not to go into the land for various reasons. god then gave them all an about face, and sent them to wander in the wilderness, until everyone of the over the age of 20 years old (with the exception of Joshua and Caleb), died in the wilderness.

God makes it clear that he did not hold anyone under the age of 20, accountable, and only those whom he refers to as children or little ones would get to inherit the promised land.

Do we see children as anyone under the age of 20, do we wait until they reach a degree of maturity, that god seems to condone, before we allow them to make critical decisions? most of us know that we do not and that has caused a great problem in the break-up of our foundations of our basic societal unit, the family. we will be back in the next lesson to continue with the american family and I will look for you then.

Until next time,

may God bless and keep you

This is Bro. Bob