Bible Lesson 270

The Sower and the Seed

There are few left in the world today who will readily know what we mean when we speak of a Sower and his sowing of seed. I am old enough to remember when my parents sowed the seed that belonged, along with whatever was produced by those seed to someone other than my parents. To bring you up to date, I was born in September of 1931, and times back then were harder than Chinese arithmetic.

Back there everyone, or almost everyone, was in the same boat as we were; because it was tough for everyone, at least everyone that we knew. My parents were young but healthy and we had plenty to eat. I remember that we lived in a small house that was sufficient but drafty (You could lay in bed and see the chickens under the house. We never went hungry and were happy to be alive.

Back then the trouble was not sowing but it was the seed and its cost. The period that I’m recalling was the early or mid-1930’s when most were in the lower pay grades or without jobs completely. It takes grit and determination to make it in hard times; but My Mom and Dad, (Bob and Gladys Sheppard), never looked back or looked down.

They met every day with a love for each other and a determined heart to rise to new heights. I cannot remember either one of them ever being worried in the least bit. Everyone else was in the same shape financially and they made the most of everything and every day. It was hard coming out of the depression era, but we made it and had some to give the neighbors.

Back there it was “root hog or die” and we all lived through it because the Lord was with us.  That is what it takes to test the mettle of anyone, and we all passed the test. That’s not bragging because we know it was the Lord that make it possible.

There are yet much seed to be sown and increasingly it seems that the Sowers is not showing up for work. What about you? Are you sowing the seeds of God’s Word? Make sure you sow God’s Word and that is the seed that will lead others to heaven. God calls us all (everyone) to sow seed. None of us can sit down and say that God didn’t give us seed.

He planted a garden, and we can go there to gather seed to spread. That garden is called ‘The Holy Bible’. We must take great care that we don’t mix any seed with the Word of God. We preach it just like Our Lord inspired it to be written.

Back in the late 1920’s and early 30’s in many community’s families were on hard times and I can remember raising sugar cane and then processing it into syrup, and on a cold morning and a hot biscuit there was nothing better. It was all good and sufficient if we took time to say Grace for it. Remember, whatever God provides is all you need.

Until next time,

may God bless and keep you

This is Bro. Bob