Bible Lesson 272


The state or task · function · job · role · place · charge · business · onus · burden · liability · accountability · answerability, being accountable or to be blamed for something.

We may never hear the word responsibility, mentioned Today is as good of a time as any in for us to become aware that we are responsible in line with our duty to God in Salvation.

Apparently, we don’t deal with that particular responsibility as we should. Perhaps that is the reason that the Church has become weak and without any impact on our communities. To coin an old phrase,” The church does not see any splatter when it spits!”

To prove that look next Sunday at how many stores are open, how many people are not interested in the church services, but rather they are fishing, golfing and all the other things that people do these days.

God has set aside one day out of seven for his people to gather in His name; and multitudes ignore Him completely. We don’t do that with our jobs or with a lot of other things that we do.

God does not demand a lot from those who call themselves His people, but He does ask that we set aside Sunday to commune with Him.

You may ask, how do we commune with God, and I respond that we read His Book, the Bible, attend a church service if possible, and pray and just “Be Still and Know that He is God.” If it is impossible for you to attend a formal Service, Just draw a circle around where you stand and make that your hallowed ground, and Praise God.

God hears all prayers, and He will hear and answer yours! He always answers; however, sometimes He may answer no or not now. Whatever He answers that will be the best answer for you at that time. We are all responsible to God; and His channel is always open. Do you know how to pray to God? If not just bow your knee and know that He is listening. Try it, you will like it!

Until next time,

may God bless and keep you

This is Bro. Bob