Bible Lesson 277


Matthew 10:34-39
“Do not suppose that I have come to bring peace to the earth. I did not come to bring peace, but a sword.”
Let’s begin this lesson by understanding who is speaking and what is really meant by what is being said. The speaker here is God, the Almighty, Creator, Sustainer, and Lord of all! The people heard it were folks much like you and I. Apparently, they had need of some help that only God could provide, and God promises to do that very thing. 

They asked for peace, but God knew that their need went deeper that, and so God said that He would send a sword; that would “set a man against his father and a daughter-in law: against her mother-in-law” and a man’s enemies, will be those of his own household.” Matthew 10:34-36. All of this took place centuries ago, and it still happens today. If you haven’t had it happen in your family or group, you are fortunate. I am old enough to remember when members of a family could and would live together and be in peace. Everyone was thoughtful enough that differences were always worked out before any real on each other, as well mothers and daughters. The issue will be belief in Jesus Himself. Is He the Messiah, the Son of God? Those who refuse to acknowledge Him will reject those of their own family who put their faith in Jesus and begin to follow His ways (1 Peter 4:3-4).

This will force many of Jesus’ followers to make a difficult choice. Will they keep peace with their parents and/or children by denying faith in Jesus? Or will they be willing to lose connection to their family members in order to continue to follow Jesus and acknowledge to others that He is the Christ?

Jesus is demanding His rightful place in the hearts of His people. They must love Him more than all others and demonstrate that is true if forced to make a choice. This does not change Scripture’s demand that children honor their parents (Ephesians 6:2) and that parents provide for their children (Ephesians 6:4; 1 Timothy 5:8). Jesus does not say “do not love” those other people-what He says is that we ought to love God more.
come before obedience to any other person or group (Acts 5:29).

1. Jesus, our Lord came to the earth to bring peace but instead had to bring a sword.
In Matthew 10:34-36, Jesus said He had come at this time not to bring peace to the earth, but a sword, a weapon which divides and severs. As a result of His visit to the earth, some children would be set against parents and a man’s enemies might be those within his own household. This is because many who choose to follow Christ are hated by their family members. This may be part of the cost of discipleship, for love of family should not be greater than love for the Lord. A true disciple must take up his cross and follow Jesus (Matthew 16:24).

2. It is more or less the usual situation that occurs when a sinner is saved and turns to the obedience of God; that family members will, more or less, put some space between them. That is not unusual; but is the way Saints and sinners organize themselves. Luke 14:26

3. He must be willing to face not only family hatred, but also death, like a criminal carrying his cross to his own execution. True followers of Christ must be willing to give up, even to the point of “hating” all that is in our lives, even our own families, if we are to be worthy of Him (In so doing, we find our lives in return for having given them up to Jesus Christ. Matthew 10:37-39.

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