Bible Lesson 28

Notice: Beginning this month we will begin to post four lessons each month, so be ready for a new lesson approximately every eight days.

In this lesson we will continue in our series on America’s foundation and how it has been weakened by all of us, in our families, in our schools, in our churches and in our politics. This is the second in our series and we must look back to the first offering of the series to make the connection. Please understand that what we say in these lessons does not apply across the board. Thank God, we do have some families that are Biblically, foundationally secure; however, these faults exist in most of the families in America today. Some, at least, are not at war with each other or the world, but they are not enjoying the peace and assurance and love that they would have if they obeyed God’s Word.

We began last time with the family and we read the Bible to understand the family as God gave it to us. One man and one woman united in holy matrimony, becoming one flesh and having children to replenish the earth. We saw how God gave us different functions and established clear lines of accountability.

The man is responsible to God to lead: the woman, is to honor her head, the man, and they work together, not just have children, but to raise children in the nurture and admonition of the Lord. God is the head of man and man is the head of a woman and Christ is the head of the Church. (see Eph. 5:22-24). In the Christian family this line of responsibility to God, always works; and that is what makes the Christian families? Foundation strong.

So, if that is true, what is this lesson about? The lesson on family, school, church, and politics is necessary because the Fathers accepted the devil?s thinking and as he saw what was happening in the culture and the society, he began to listen to the schools and the churches and the politics of that society and began a slow drift away from God.

The man began to like that lack of responsibility, and the ease which living like his culture gave him, and as he relaxed, the foundation of the family unit began to weaken and now after over a hundred years of neglect, the foundation of our families are crumbling.
We have been told by God to build our spiritual houses, our spiritual lives, on the solid rock and the Bible makes it clear that that rock is Jesus Christ, the sinless Son of God, who offered up Himself on the Cross; and shed his blood and died, a broken body, as an offering to cleanse those who would believe and behave like God has told us to behave.

That is what God required as payment for our sins! Perhaps there is a father, the father of a family that is reading this today, and if so I would ask you, do you think that your family measures up to what God would have families be? Read Ephesians chapters five and six.

Ask yourselves these proper questions, are you, first of all, saved and obedient to the commandments of God? Are you the leader in your family, and that does not mean are you over-bearing and mean spirited; but are you leading like Christ leads the Church? Are you applying Biblical discipline to your children? Are you demonstrating Christian love and obedience to your children and your wife?

Does the buck stop with you? Do you have influence or the respect that is given because of your commitment to Christ? Do you practice “family altar”, which involves the entire family with you as it’s head, sitting together at some time during each day, as you read the Word of God and explain it to your family? Further than that, are you teaching your children and leading your wife by a truly Christian example? That may sound like a big job and it is; but if you know God through Christ, you have the power of God in you (The Holy Spirit) to empower you to do it all and to rejoice as you do so. Perhaps, your family meets all of God’s precepts, and you feel good about what God has done in your family.

That would be great, but you don’t get any medals for doing what is commanded you to do. Just take a moment to examine your family in light of the Scriptures. (2nd Cor. 13:5). What does the family look like in 2020? If we answer honestly we have to say that over-all it is weak, disobedient, carnal, and even occasionally it is capable of many sins, such as adultery, perversion, incest, and even murder.

Sometimes we seem to be mixed up about who should be judged when we speak of the things of God. If some sinful thing occurs and it is done by a member of some denominational church, we tend to paint the true church with that sin; however, if we are awake and aware of what is going on around us, taken as a group, all churches are full of people who do not have any connection to Jesus Christ and His blood.

Most Church members today are not Christians; because a Christian is someone who is following Christ. Being a member of some denominational church makes you a church-member, not a Christian. That is hard to say, but since it is the truth and most Christians know it, it has to be said because we are to be light and not darkness, to those who are in error. There are so many faults in our world that affect our family that we don’t know where to start, but let’s pick one and jump in. Many of our major faults exist, because we have lost our values, and by that I mean we have forgotten that God has spoken to us and that everything that He has said are absolute truths.

A people without absolutes become easy prey for the devil; because then we begin to think that all things are relative. In other words, whatever I do or whatever you do is right if that is what suits us. That kind of thinking has poisoned American thinking and so now, people get married with a mind-set that if it doesn’t work, we will just get a divorce and marry someone else. Sadly that happens very often, but many times there have been children born of that marriage, and now, we have your kids, my kids, and our kids. Usually, that leads to much unhappiness and in some cases, it goes back to the divorce court. We won’t even discuss the idea today that judges, who want to further damage our social structure, are allowing men to marry men and women to marry women, and they even allow them to adopt children.

Another fault in our families and this has been a sled-hammer on the foundation of our family, is that we have lost our consciousness about who we are. Nowadays, many men are confused about what their gender is or whether they are capable of coping with a family. I think that the Governor of California coined a good phrase when he called these kinds of men “girly men”. On the other side of the coin, we have women who want to be men it seems, because many of our women today would have made good Pirates back in the old days when the Pirates plied the Oceans of our world.

These women seem to specialize in tattoos and foul language. Let me assure you, good people, I served over 20 years in the military and many of the women in our day can embarrass me with their language. It seems that there is no order in our families. God gave children to adults and He meant for that order to remain; however, we now have adults that answer to their children. I have seen, on many occasions, young children demand something from their parents, and then have tantrums until they got it. I have heard children curse their parents like a dog. And occasionally I read about some child that has murdered their father or mother.

We have forgotten that God gave children to adults so that the adults could rear the child and give him good Biblical values, and show him how to live in the world, and how to become a productive citizen. Ask yourself if we are seeing a lot of that being done in this society?

Instead of doing what we know works, and that is to raise our children in a Christian home, in the nurture and admonition of the Lord, we choose to live vicariously through our kids. We steadfastly refuse to let our kids be kids. We won’t allow our children to play their games and to exercise their wonderful imagination. Instead, fathers who never played football or basketball or baseball, dress little 5-12-year-olds like professional ballplayers and make them play, while the parents embarrass them by loud talk and threats to umpires and the kids. That is a shame. Beyond that kind of silly action, the kids are pretty much on their own.

Most parents don’t exercise any control over the T.V., or radio or movies or books or even close friends when it comes to their children. They allow the government school system to teach their children perversion, and politics, and all kinds of things that are not true or proper. Now it seems that too many teachers are dating their students. Where have we gone wrong? We left the perfect plan of God for a road less traveled, and we have ended up the victims of our stupidity. It pains me to have to say things like this, but God called me to tell you the truth, and what I have said is the truth. There is much more to come but for now, I will have to close; but if the good Lord tarries, we will be back in about 8 days or so, with more on our foundations.

Next time we will be back to learn more about the failing and falling foundations of the primary building block our family foundations.

Until next time,

may God bless and keep you

This is Bro. Bob