Bible Lesson 282

We learn all that we can in order to have wisdom, we must have knowledge and to have knowledge we must read and study whatever subject we want to master.

We are Bible students and so we want to gain all that we can about the Bible.  Our subject today requires that we learn about wisdom of Christ. Christ in the world and Christ in our hearts.

If we have the knowledge of Christ then we can  live our lives in accordance with Christs commandments. We are Creatures who serve a living God, and we must align our lives with the demands of our God.

Living in this world carries with it the demands of our Jealous God, but if we live to please Him, we will live a good and profitable life. Those who obey the Lord as they live here on the earth will gain heaven when they die, and Heaven is so grand and blessed it would be impossible to describe it.

Those who obey Christ will be happy in this world and blessed in heaven. Those who know and obey  God will be happy in this world and even more blessed in heaven.

How does a human being ever live in such a way as to be pleasing to God Almighty? It’s easy because  He provides the will and power to obey Him as he empowers us by His Holy Spirit.

How can we be seen as Wise, or as having wisdom? We Seek God, in Christ His only begotten Son. Then He lives in us as we obey His commands.

Can we do it? We can but only as we rely on His to allow us to do it. Would you like to be wise? Then ask God to save you and give you His Spirit.

Until next time,

may God bless and keep you

This is Bro. Bob