Bible Lesson 32


In this lesson, we want to continue our series on the foundations of our society. So far, we have looked at the foundation of our family structures in this society that we live in and we found it woefully lacking in many areas. We found that all too often, although we like to say that America is a Christian nation, we have forgotten that Christianity cannot be inherited, nor does it come by osmosis. Christianity involves a diligent seeking of God and His forgiveness of sin, (Hebrews 11:6).

The family foundation must be built upon the rock of Jesus Christ, and we can only know Christ by knowing God’s Word (See Romans 10:17). American parents bought into the “American dream”, that calls for everyone to have a 4 bedroom home with a two-car garage, with a car in both: then the woman must have her job and the man has his job and the family becomes secondary. Our priorities do not include much time for raising children in the nurture and admonition of the Lord. Parents who work and only see each other in passing, are not normally parents who have enough time to seek the face of God; and as a consequence, the children are raised without much knowledge of God. We followed the foundation of families like that into the church and found that adding a faulty foundation to the church’s foundation causes it to be weak.

With that in mind, we will pick up here today and ask God what our families should look like if we are where we should be with God. I think that if we will look back to the beginning of our society, back to the Lord and how He instructed our forefathers to construct healthy families with solid foundations, we can profit from reading Deuteronomy 5, verses 6 through 21, where we find the Decalogue, the Ten Commandments restated as the law, we can better understand what it takes to build our foundations. The first stone that must be laid in our foundations is a rock-solid belief and trust in the One and Only God, Jehovah, the God that is presented and revealed to us in our Bible. There is only one “saving faith” and that is a faith that believes despite denials and misrepresentations and down-right lies about what the Word of God teaches. Whatever you read in your Bible is the absolute truth of God, inspired by God, to Holy men of old.

I truly believe that the visible churches’ foundations have been destroyed by self-seeking men who were not called by God to preach; and who have taken their very practical teachings into the church and have confused congregations about what Christianity is all about. You take that for what it is worth, but don’t ever try to stand before the judgment and say you didn’t’ know it! The only ax I have to grind with these men is, that they have failed themselves, their God and their congregations; for no good reason other than it makes their jobs easier.

These are the kinds of preachers and pastors that never confront sin in the lives of their congregations. All of their sermons are to itching ears, and they never confront the sin that exists in their people. These are the preachers, that preach against sin, sometimes, but never put a face or a name on any particular sin.

They preach against sin, objectively, never subjectively. In other words, they never preach a sin, as things that their members could use to measure their lives against. I make no apologies for saying this and I know it is the truth because I know the Bible and I know that God did not give us His Word, for us to change it and sweeten it to the point that sinners in our congregations feel good, even in their sin.

God gave us His Word to cause sinners to grieve over their lost conditions; and perchance, they would seek forgiveness, the only place that it can be found, at the foot of the Cross, in the blood of Jesus Christ, which was shed for sinners.

Matthew chapter one and verse twenty one, tells us that Jesus Christ came to “save His people FROM their sins”: not IN their sins.
The Gospel of Jesus Christ is “Good News”; but only to those who are willing to give up self and sin and live through Jesus Christ.

Jesus Christ as He preached on this earth told the people then, and us today, that we should not “think that He came to bring peace on the earth. He did not come to bring peace, but a sword; and He goes on to tell us that He came to set a man against his father, and a daughter against her mother, and a daughter-in-law against her mother-in-law; and a man?s enemies would be those of his household.”(Matthew 10:34-39).

That means that before we can have peace with God, we must be prepared and willing to suffer conflict with our very own families.

Yes, Jesus Christ is the Prince of Peace; however, He knows that the road to peace is fraught with many battles and hardships; and our wonderful Savior wants us to be aware that they will come.

Now, if you are a nominal, or a part-time Christian, which means you are no Christian at all, you won’t be bothered with these conflicts; because you are one of those who thinks that all of the Bibles precepts, commands, and testimonies are for everyone else, not you because you are called to be one of God’s secret agents. Hear me now, there will be a special place in hell for people like you. These kinds of converts, or non-converts, are spawned out of the objective preaching that we are accustomed to. What preaching has to do to be Gospel preaching is, to make lost men see that they need that money, or power, or anything in this world, cannot satisfy.

They must come to know in their heart of hearts that they need the blood of Jesus Christ, to wash them clean and give them the righteousness necessary for heaven. We can?t love them more than God loves them; and God has made it clear that they will either desire Him more than they desire life itself, or, they will go to he ll for eternity. Some may say, “Bro Bob, is too strict, to concerned about how people make professions and never show any evidence of salvation in their lives”; so, I ask you, are we being loving when we lead people to the wide gate and the broad way, instead of the only place that anyone can truly be saved, that strait gate, and the narrow way? (Matthew 7:13-14).

I believe that many churches and congregations today are like the Pharisees, that Jesus rebuked in Matthew 23:13-14. Jesus, denounced or pronounced woe, upon them; because they did not know the righteousness of God, for they were self-righteous; and they sought everywhere for proselytes, and then when they joined their group, they became twice as much a son of hell as the Pharisees were. That?s what so many churches are doing today. They have decided to revise the Gospel which requires a work of God and a change of life in salvation; and instead of really practicing repentance and conversion, they simply profess that they know Christ and join their group or church.

Why are people so easily led astray by that, non-Gospel, of easy believism? It is because man is born with a fallen nature and; although man would like to find some way of escaping judgment and punishment, he is not interested enough to seek that strait gate and narrow way that leads to eternal life( See Matthew 7:14). Most of us, if we would be honest with ourselves are too lazy or apathetic to even study the Word of God to find God?s plan for our lives. Some may read their Bibles, but they read them with their minds closed and they never seek the context of the verses. Can anyone fault God for not saving people like that? God has done all that is required for man to be saved, but man will not even read the invitation to receive the free gift of life that the Bible offers!

That is not an overall accusation of today?s churches; but it works in more places than not. With that kind of foundation for our churches, is it any wonder that the Psalmist put the question to those in his day, and to us in our society, there in Psalms 11:3, where he asks, “if the foundations are destroyed, what can the righteous do?”

Is that a good question for us to ask ourselves and/or the visible church of our day? Certainly it is! We cannot deny that the true Gospel has been neglected, misstated, ignored and changed, in many of our churches and as a result, the foundations are broken up!
It does not stand, that only the churches foundation is broken up, the family, which is God primary building block on this earth, was first cracked and weakened, and that is what contributed to the foundation of the visible church being destroyed. We need to understand now, we are not talking about the foundation of the True Church of Christ, only what should be the earthly representation of the True Church. The foundations of the True Church are strong and cannot be broken up; because they are resting on Christ.

The True Church is the work of Jesus Christ, while the visible church is the work of men. See Matthew 16:16-18. So what are the righteous to do if we see the foundation being weakened or destroyed? In the Words of Charles Haddon Spurgeon, the answer is easy. If all earthly things fail, and the very State fall to pieces, what we can do is, suffer joyfully, hope cheerfully, wait patiently, pray earnestly, believe confidently, and triumph finally, to which I would add, Preach, teach and live boldly, in Christ! The only way that we can restructure our foundation and make it stand the pressures of our humanistic society is for individuals, you and me and him and her and them, individually make up our minds by reading the Word of God, to repent, be converted and obey all that we know God would have us to do, and then stand till Jesus comes for us.

Until next time,

may God bless and keep you

This is Bro. Bob