Bible Lesson 34

This lesson, we will move into our discussion about how the crumbling foundations of the family and the church have impacted and hindered the public, as well as the private school system in America. School means a place or institution devoted to teaching and learning. In the beginning, the home was the place, where knowledge was handed down from parents to their children. Knowledge consists of facts about any and everything that exists, and parents passed what they knew about everything to their children. They also made it a point to teach Wisdom to their children. Wisdom consisted of knowledge about God; and it instructed people in the proper view of virtues, honesty, sobriety, chastity, concern for good behavior, and the like. More and more in our secular society, religious people seem to be reverting to parental school, or homeschooling. It is sad to think, but our school system seems to be failing to pass on enough knowledge to our children to keep them abreast of technology and there are many high school graduate students that do not know how to read very well or to comprehend what they have read.

We are lagging behind other countries in mathematics, science and other important subjects. I say these things because I have witnessed many of our High School graduates, in their lack of the ability to gain meaningful employment; and I have experienced those who lack basic skills, such as the ability to make a change in restaurants. I don’t think there are many wise parents today that believe that their children are getting a good education in our public schools. Some may be willing to accept the idea that their children get a diploma; however, that diploma will not do them a lot of good without the basic knowledge that should go with it.

For several lessons recently, I have been making the case that we are a people without a good foundation. That is the problem, whether anyone is willing to agree with me about it. We have a problem and we really know what it is so, let me digress for a moment right here and offer the solution to our problem. What can we do to regain our footing and strengthen our foundations? God gave us the answer in Second Chronicles chapter seven and verse fourteen, where He says to Israel and America today, “If My people who are called by My name will humble themselves and pray and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin and heal their land.”

That is the answer to our problem! That is all that it would take to solve America?s moral problem. So why don?t we begin to do that today? Let’s all agree that we need to make any broad changes to take us back, to a society that will be able to sustain itself. The devil has taken over so much of our time and has allowed Hollywood and others to steal our moral core, so we need a real relationship with God.

We need to begin to study the Bible and learn what God would have us to do, then we need to remove ourselves from the throne of our lives (stop doing what feels good, or seems to feel good at the moment) and humble ourselves before our Great and Glorious God. We need to understand that God is the Creator and we are simple creatures. We must see ourselves as responsible for our problems. Once we truly humble ourselves, we will of necessity, pray, and ask God to help us; because we will see our great need for Jesus Christ and His sacrifice to forgive our great sin.

As we pray, we will look for the light of God, the face of Jesus Christ, as we learn from the inspired inerrant Word of God, the Bible. Next, we will turn from our wicked ways, anything that does not fit in the character of God (sin). God promises there that if we will do those things that He will hear from heaven and forgive our sin and heal our land.
That’s the solution to our crumbling foundations!

It is to realize our condition, lost and depraved and helpless before a Holy God who holds out to His creation, two prospects, the one to “quicken, and bring back to spiritual life so that we can reach God, and two to curse or condemn us to eternal punishment in hell”. What will our answer be?

Are we concerned enough about our eternal lives to stop and get off the world’s merry-go-round, and humble ourselves and pray and seek God, or we will continue in sin and reap the whirlwind of punishment that awaits all who neglect so great salvation? I preach the truth of the Bible, and I do it without hesitation or reservation; because I do not want to have to answer to our Holy God for failing to warn all sinners about the judgment.

God inspired the writer of Hebrews to warn us that it is appointed unto man once to die and then the judgment. (see Hebrews 9:27). Our hedonistic society has begun to deny the truth and revise the truth of the Bible; however, God says in Psalms 119:89, that His Word is settled in heaven. That means that there is nothing that we can ever change or erase from the Bible. It is settled in heaven, and though we were to dig a pit ten thousand feet deep and place the Bible in the bottom and cover it over with concrete, it will still be there to judge us at the day of judgment. Many in our day, will not think about that judgment, and the consequences that are connected to it.

They steadfastly refuse to bow the knee to the Creator God and take His yoke upon them. Whether we want to believe it or not, our foundations are being destroyed; even as you read this lesson, and we have turned a blind eye to our families, our churches, our schools, and our government, as we seek, pleasure for a season, in the ways of the world. How can we expect our Holy and Just God to overlook our evil ways; and when I say evil, I mean E-V-I-L! Our society is evil and it is going to hell in a handbasket, and we are too stiff-necked to realize it.

It is not a stretch to repeat, with others who have said, “The hand that rocks the cradle, is the hand that rules the world”. Do mothers tend the fertile fields of their children?s minds; and they influence most of their futures. One American writer in the 19th century, said, “The mother loves her child most divinely, not when she surrounds him with comfort and anticipates his wants, but when she resolutely hold him to the highest standards and is content with nothing less”.

Now, I am not so naïve as to believe that all of America’s mothers have always done a perfect job of raising their children; but history will certainly bear me out when I say a great majority of them have over the previous years. What has caused us to leave that happy situation where most of our children came forth into their maturity with the basics of morality, ethics, and manners?

I believe that we failed when the church failed to hold it?s members to God’s moral guidelines. Somewhere, perhaps in the early last century, the church stopped believing in Church discipline, it stopped preaching against adultery, and divorce and fornication; and as a result, the devil got a foothold in our families and we now stand on shaky ground as twenty-first-century families. We now exist as fatherless families, single-parent families, or mixed families, where the children do not always know, to a great degree, both of their birth parents.

Many families that have both parents have very little time to spend in a family atmosphere due to both parents having jobs that require their time and their energy. The history of Rome in the second century was stated like this; and I think that we may be near to this point in America, “The stern face of the traditional father of the family had faded out; instead, we see on every hand the flabby face of the son of the house, the eternal spoiled child of society, who has grown accustomed to luxury and lost all sense of discipline.
Some evaded the duty of maternity for fear of losing their looks. Some were not content to live their lives by their husband?s side”. That was Jerome Carcopino in his Daily life in Ancient Rome. Napoleon Bonaparte is quoted as saying, “Let France have good mothers and she will have good sons.”

With that said, what does it say about our society, when we are bombarded in our news media, our children, especially our young women, who cannot have a conversation without using the most vulgar words. Now, this is not our problem; but it is a nagging symptom of our problem. We have not kept to the path of true salvation, and as a consequence, we have neglected to preach and teach that parents are to be responsible for their children.

That means that they should teach children moral values and ethics and discipline and that would include, but not be limited to, not tolerating these filthy minds that contaminate so many of our youth today. Don’t tell me that it is not a serious problem, I know better! Many of our parents will deny that their children talk that way or even think that way, but that is willful ignorance. It is time the Church began to teach parenting again. Instead of churches hijacking the children of their families, they should teach parents to tend to their teaching.

The church is for biblical knowledge as it applies to daily lives, but parents have the major responsibility to control and teach and nurture their children. If we would all begin to “own up” to the problem and begin to pray and put feet to our prayers,(begin to know where our children are “all” of the time and know who they are with and what kind of morals their friends have), we could correct the problem. It may take some time and there may be friction, but parents are responsible for children, not the other way around.

Won’t you think about what you have read here and honestly agree, that we as families, churches, schools, and individuals are in desperate need of the forgiveness of God? Our repentance must be real and unrelenting; but if we can ask God to begin to improve our situation, and we cooperate with His movements, we can create a place for our children and grandchildren. Do it, now, today, and may God bless and keep you steadfast.

Until next time,

may God bless and keep you

This is Bro. Bob