Bible Lesson 85

The Supernatural in Salvation Part II

Exodus 16:1-20

In our last lesson, we began a study about the supernatural powers and the supernatural nature of God. We will continue that good study of God’s supernatural powers in this lesson. The Scriptural text that I have chosen is from Exodus chapter 16 and it deals with the supernatural feeding of the nation of the Hebrews as God brought them forth out of slavery in Egypt. Our Bible is full of beautiful and informative accounts about God and His supernatural powers. Remember now, God created all that we know and there is nothing that exists that God did not create. Man cannot create anything. We fudge the truth at times when we speak of man creating things but man cannot create anything. Man can rearrange and combine other things and it may seem that he has created something but He is simply using what God created to develop something new’..and we praise God that He allows us to do that. Man can change the form of things by blowing up or burning or the like but it all ends up as something that God created.

In Exodus chapter 16, we find that God not only creates and does many supernatural things but he continues to do supernatural things as he provides for His creatures. In verses 1-20 of Exodus chapter 20, we read about how the Lord supernaturally provided food for millions of people who were wandering around in the wilderness of the Sinai. As they wandered they complained about they missed all the good food they had while they were slaves in Egypt.
Food or protection or water or safety are no problems for the people of God and God showed this murmuring bunch just how Sovereign and Able and Supernatural that He was. First, he sent quail that fell like rain upon them and their camp. Then the next morning there was dew on the ground, and when it dried, became a small substance much like frost on the camp. When the people who saw it first asked ‘what is it’ they named it Manna. Manna is the word for what is it and what I was, was bread from heaven. God supernaturally provided this bread from heaven in enough quantity to feed this multitude of people for the duration of their stay in the wilderness. Let’s look at just how supernatural God is.

When he sent the bread from heaven He sent it to a people who had been worshipping foreign gods, people who had forgotten for the most part Jehovah, so God used the manna both to feed and to teach them to obey Him. The manna was to be gathered daily in specific amounts; and if anyone gathered more than they needed it spoiled. On the sixth day, they were to gather twice as much as their daily needs because they were not to gather on the Sabbath. This manna fed their hunger and gave them an example of setting the Sabbath apart for God.

Has God ever done a supernatural work in your life’ In all probability He has and if you are a born again Christian I know that He has. I said that if you are truly saved, born again, and obedient to God then you are a Christian and every Christian has had the call of God and the hand of God on and in His life. He has been brought from death to life, indwelled by the Holy Spirit, and has an inheritance in heaven. That my friends are supernatural. There are absolute miracles and supernatural experiences that occur every day in our world today.

If we were more attuned to God, we could and would count many supernatural happenings in our lifetimes. Think about this, we live on a planet that is rotating and moving around the sun, during millions of other planets and stars and suns, yet in all of the years the earth has been in being, we are carefully guarded against colliding with any other of the heavenly bodies.

That is because our supernatural God has set them in organized motion and oversees them as they exist and move. It was our Supernatural God that created a perfect world and all that we would need to live productive lives and He did that before He created man.

God is supernatural in His being because God is Spirit but we know that He can manifest Himself to His creatures in three distinct personalities, that we know as the Trinity (Father, Son Jesus Christ, and Holy Spirit).

God is One, but three ‘in’ one. Think with me for a moment about all of the supernatural powers that were involved in the second person of the God-head (Christ), being supernaturally planted in the womb of Mary. This was a one-time occurrence that has happened only once in time, and Jesus Christ who was born to Mary had an earthly mother but a heavenly Father.

God supernaturally planted the savior in the womb of Mary and then she delivered nine months later’..the Savior of the World, the God-man, God in the flesh; and that is supernatural! Jesus Christ walked and grew and learned just like any other child on the earth. He became a man and single-handedly confronted the great error of the religions of that time.

In the way that He walked and lived and taught and corrected the religious leaders were always a threat to His life but supernaturally, God the Father was protecting Him and overseeing the Cross (Acts 2:22-24). That Jesus would die on the cross, and rise again on the third day and ascend back into heaven from whence He had come, was a settled fact from before the foundation of the world. It was all part of God’s eternal plan. That is supernatural.

God supernaturally brought the nation of Israel out of bondage in Egypt and He did it in such a way as to demean and put to shame all of the gods of Egypt. He supernaturally separated the people of Israel from the Egyptians in many of the plagues’.especially the death of every firstborn.

God had caused them to flee to Egypt originally to keep them in a place where they would be able to produce a nation, and that should remind us that ‘We know that all things work together for good to them who love God and are the called according to His purpose’ (Romans 8:28). The plagues were all supernaturally brought and stopped by God at His will. He supernaturally led them and lighted their way by the pillar of cloud by day and the pillar of fire at night.

God supernaturally had prepared Moses to be sufficient to lead them in the wilderness, and God supernaturally opened the Red Sea to allow the nation to go across on dry ground, but when the Egyptian army attempted to follow they were all drowned. Never be fooled by those who attempt to set aside any of the supernatural events of the Bible.

Some have come up with one version of the crossing of the Red Sea that says that the nation did not cross the Red Sea but crossed what is called the Red Sea, and they attempt to make that less obviously a lie by saying it was a greater miracle for God to drown the Egyptian Army in a few inches of water than it was to do in in the Red sea’s depths.

That idea calls the Word of God and the God of the Word a lie and we know it is not true because the Bible does not state that. There can not doubt about the supernatural nature of our Great God because He has proven that by His incredible intellect and abilities to not only create a nature that would be beneficial to His Creatures (Us) but He occasionally reaches in and interrupts the natural and does something outside the laws of nature. How about the things that we see all the time but never consider that they are supernatural’

What about times when drought and famine hit sections of the country; and God hears the prayers of His people and opens the heavens and give us life-sustaining rain for our crops’ What about the fact that God continues to end some of the ‘two-bit’ dictator’s lives and prevents them from corrupting a society’ Further than that how about these bodies that we use here on this earth.

Have you ever thought about how supernaturally self-sustaining our bodies are’ Think about your heart, how normally it pumps blood throughout our bodies on a life-sustaining journey, where the blood is not just pumped to various parts of our bodies but it is purified and cleansed by systems that God has put in place.

Our lungs take in oxygen which is circulated our bodies and we breathe out carbon dioxide which is then converted by the leaves of trees and grass and so forth and then released back to us as oxygen. All of the organs of our bodies are supernaturally always at work to give us life.

When were the last time that you considered any of that and paused to praise our supernatural God and give Him thanks for His blessings’ Think for a moment about what it took to give any of us hope and an inheritance in heaven. Did any of us deserve that wonderful and supernatural gift from God’ Absolutely not! All of us were born sinners’.unheeding and at enmity toward God and yet He chose to send us His Son’.

He gave of Himself to come and be humiliated and tortured and whipped and spit upon and beaten and finally to be nailed to a cross to shed His perfectly sinless blood, to save wretches like you and I. The most amazing and supernatural part of salvation is that God would choose to save a sinner such as I ‘ but He did and I worship and praise Him for it all; and as I consider who God is and all that His gift cost Him, I know that everything He does is supernatural because He is a supernatural God.

No other God ever cared for the creature like Jehovah God did and does. No other God ever speaks for His undying love for those who obey Him, and no other God has ever been buried and arisen from death and the grave with victory over the evil one.

Not only did Jesus resurrect from the grave ‘.everyone who has ever lived and died will one day be resurrected from our grave and our Spirit which goes to our final destination’the truly saved to heaven and the unsaved and disobedient to hell’ will be reunited with our bodies and our bodies will be glorified and the saved will go to be in heaven for eternity, and the lost will be judged and sent to hell for eternity.

That is not a popular sermon in most churches in our day but it is the truth and all of us should never shrink from proclaiming it. Jesus Christ said more about hell and it’s terror than He did about heaven and its pleasures. I assume that is because there are so many that have neglected so great salvation and have pursued the things of the devil and so few who have sought to know God’s Word and Will and to gain entry into heaven.

Knowing what we all should know about sin and its consequences, there should be more people living for God, by far, than the meager and motley congregations that we are seeing. It seems that the church is not for God’s people to come and worship and then go out to serve Him.

It seems that most churches today meet for a ‘happening’ and not even much of a happening when you think about what goes on most Sundays. People come together in many cases to ‘see and be seen’, to make business acquaintances and to be catered to by pastors and staff.

There is too much attention paid to the physical felt needs of those who congregate and not nearly enough to the teaching of the Word of God. The church was never meant to be a hothouse for sinners. Vance Havner a great old warhorse for God said’.’ The church is a nursery for babes in Christ, not a hatchery with the idea of taking in bad eggs in the hope that they will hatch out into real Christians later. As it is I could have led many people to Christ’.if only they hadn’t joined some church first’.

The church should be open for everyone who comes, but it should not be made up of any except those who have been called, predestined, justified, sanctified, born again by God, and obedient to the Word and Will of God. The church at least the church in America has gone into business for itself instead of for God and we allow anyone who walks the aisle and shakes the preacher’s hand and will be dunked in their baptistery to be members of the body.

The Church and Pastors, and teachers and leaders and laypeople should all be interested in making sure that everyone who joins their group should know what they are doing; and that they intend to live like a Christian, and incidentally, those who don’t were harvested too early.

True salvation is a supernatural happening, and only those who are supernaturally called, justified, sanctified, and born from above by God can have any assurance that they are saved. A person must come to the end of self, be willing to die to self and live for God, and must see that only what Jesus Christ did at the cross is sufficient to forgive their sins and grant them peace with God.

Repentance is required in every person’s salvation and repentance means godly sorrow for our past sins, and the turning away from all sin and turning to service and obedience to God through Christ. We have a good definition for repentance in Ezekiel 36:31, where Ezekiel under the inspiration of God writes ‘Then you will remember your evil ways and your deeds that were not good; and you will loath yourselves in your sight, for your iniquities and abominations’. In true repentance, God shines His light upon the heart, mind, and life of the person who is being called out of the world and they then can see themselves and their sins just as God sees them.

That allowing us to see how useless and worthless our lives have been and how many abominations we have been committing against a Holy and Just God, is another supernatural gift and no person ever really gets saved unless and until God grants that opportunity for repentance.

Sadly we as modern-day preachers and teachers have not enjoyed preaching repentance and so we have great numbers of people who have never been confronted with the need for repentance. Listen to me preacher, teacher, layman, you have led people to hell unless you have been faithful to stress that God requires repentance in every salvation.

Every one of us meets Jesus Christ, the Lord and Savior of our lives as vile and undone and blind and abominable sinners, and Jesus said in the gospel of Luke chapter 13 and verse 3.” Unless you repent you will likewise perish’!

What preachers, teachers, and laymen should be about in this world is teaching people that God has a supernatural power to do whatever He wants to do, and what God does in true Salvation is to supernaturally change every person that He saves.

God does that by a supernatural ‘New birth’ birth from above; and we read about that in Ephesians 2:10, where we are told ‘.’ For we are God’s workmanship, created in Christ Jesus, unto good works, which God prepared beforehand that we should walk in them’. Now, so that everyone understands who that is speaking about there we have to read chapter two in context and in chapter two of Ephesians we find that the writer is referring to saved people, people who had been supernaturally ‘quickened’ or brought from Spiritual death to Spiritual life, and saved, which includes this supernatural rebirth ‘in Christ’. We must understand how important it is that we understand the phrase ‘In Christ’.

It means that we have become part of Christ and He has become part of us, by the indwelling of the Holy Spirit of God. Everyone who has truly been saved is now ‘In Christ’ and we can look for key changes in that person’s life.

That new birth changes us from a sinner to a saint. It makes us a ‘New Creature’. In 2nd Corinthians 5:17, we find this’.. ‘Therefore, if any man is ‘in Christ’ he is a new creature, the old things are passed away; behold all things have become new.’ The supernatural new birth makes a man a supernatural new creature that now has the supernatural power of the Holy Spirit to live in such a way as to glorify God.

Notice now, this new birth makes us a new creature right here and right now. It is not something that we grow into! We are saved and reborn and indwelled by the Holy Spirit who now leads us and teaches us as God sheds His Amazing Grace on us.

The question we need to ask ourselves right here is’..’Why is it that we have so many professing Christians (church members) who manifest absolutely no radical change in their lives”

The answer should be evident and it is that we have not preached a supernatural God who exercises supernatural power to change us into a new creature that is changed and fitted for heaven. Think about these things ‘check the Scriptures’.and begin to live and preach like that new creature.

Until next time,

may God bless and keep you

This is Bro. Bob